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Regulations of stay at "Mevaer Camp"

  1. The minimum stay at the resort is one week. Check-in at Mevaer Camp is from 14:00 and check-out is intil 10:00.

  2. The apartments are cleaned by the staff before arrival of each group.

  3. The whole facility is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

  4. Rubbish segregation is in place.

  5. Silence lasts from 2300 to 0600 in the morning.

  6. Report any service damage to the personnel.

  7. Clients are financially responsible for any destruction of property on the premises in the full amount of damage caused.

  8. When leaving the apartment, remember to leave it in order.

  9. Complete ban on filleting in residential buildings. Fillet only in places designated for filleting.

  10. As of 01.01.2018, Norway has new regulations regarding the export of fish. There is 20 kg fillet per person.


Regulations for the use of equipment in "Mevaer Camp"

  1. The deposit for the apartament and renting a boat is 3000 NOK and is charged in cash on arrival at the base.

  2. The boat's fuel is supplied by the owner of the facility.

  3. Before departure, the boat is handed over to the helmsman, who is obliged to observe safety during sea trips. The setting up of life jackets or rescue suits is obligatory.

  4. A helmsman born after 01/01/1980 must have a motorboat driver license.

  5. There is a total ban on alcohol consumption on the boat.

  6. Anglers are obliged to keep the boat clean. For the resulting damage and disorder left on the boat, the deposit is not refundable.

  7. During fishing, anglers are obliged to observe the protective dimensions of fish. Total ban on live catches.

  8. From October 9, 2017, it is mandatory to release all halibut above 2 metres in length back into the sea. Large halibut contains poisonous chemicals in the body and are not desirable for consumption.